“There seems to be no end to the stories veterans of the Vietnam War need and want to tell and there should be no end to the readiness of the rest of us to read, to listen, and more importantly, to learn. More Than A Memory: Reflections of Viet Nam is a welcome addition to the li-terature of the war and its ongoing consequences.”
Marilyn B. Young, PhD,
Department of History, New York University

“If you want to understand a conflict, look into the hearts of the men who fought it. More Than A Memory does that and reveals a legacy that should stand as a warning to people who would remake the world in their own vision. An astonishing achievement—each piece is lyrical and relentless in its portrayal of young Americans trapped in an insur-gency conflict.”
Trish Wood, investigative journalist,
author of the critically acclaimed book What Was Asked of Us:
An Oral History of the Iraq War by the Soldiers Who Fought It

“More Than A Memory is hard hitting and at times, tragic, dramatic, sad, angry, political, and even vulgar. In context of what the subject matter is and the emotional atmosphere involved it all works to give readers a gripping, soulful look and feel for what these men went through. The book deals with PTSD and it lays out some of the social and psychological mine fields that they transverse in their daily lives. This book is not an easy book to read emotionally—but I am grateful that these ‘memories’ were captured so that we have a clearer view of what the real price of war is.”
William H. McDonald, Jr.
Founder, Military Writers Society of America

“…a wonderful addition to the already vast body of work relating to that painful, defining moment in our history. For those old hands wanting to see and hear how others have made some sense of it in words—perhaps for inspiration to write some of their own—and for those newbies wanting to understand and relate as much as possible to that experience, I recommend this new volume wholeheartedly.
Michel Gillen, Ph.D.
Professor, Vietnam and Modern America
Purchase College, State University of New York

“Traumas are concentric affairs: they affect not only the soldier, but also his family, his neighborhood, and, ultimately, his nation. This book is about exorcism: the demons of wars are cast into the outer darkness by words and phrases, by sentences and paragraphs. Poignant and heartrending as it is, More Than A Memory is a work of great courage and optimism, of triumph against all odds and amidst the horrors, of resurrection and renewal. It is nothing short of uplifting.”
Sam Vaknin, PhD, author of Malignant Self-Love

“Overall, this is an important resource for those professionals or family members trying to help combat veterans struggling with PTSD. It may also be a step closer to healing for those veterans wondering what is happening to them, who worry if they’re normal, and where might they go for help. I highly recommend More Than a Memory.”
Michael Philliber, PhD (Viet Nam veteran),
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