Soul Rape: Recovering Personhood after Abuse

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If you were abused or neglected as a child, chances are that you have been your whole life, whether you
are a man, a woman, or a teen. Child abuse so mangles the personality that the victim unconsciously
attracts abusers throughout the life cycle. Lies about yourself were planted deep in your mind by the
abuse, and you still believe them. Until you understand exactly what the abuse did to you, you cannot
get free. Soul Rape: Recovering Personhood After Abuse provides an effective 7-step program for use by victims, their therapists, and for group work.

In this book, survivors and professionals will discover:
  • How celebrities become addicts
  • Why twelve-step programs don't work and can be extremely harmful
  • What a faith-based 7-step program for abuse recovery can do for you
  • How addressing abuse solves cycle of addiction
  • Why mental illness is a reaction to somebody else's craziness
  • How group work can transform victims into survivors
  • Why "bootleg" churches are starving souls and endangering America

  • A Test to Find DANGEROUS STUDENTS before it's too late

    Therapists acclaim for Soul Rape

    "Soul Rape is a tour de force of the tortured landscape of child abuse
    and its pernicious long-term outcomes. Numerous case studies expertly
    intertwine with theoretical insights to produce the equivalent of a
    comprehensive and unconventional treatment modality. This book is an
    important contribution toward the edification of victims and institutions

    --Sam Vaknin, PhD, author Malignant Self-Love

    "This book should be compulsory reading for anyone
    dealing with abused children or abused adults, or adult survivors of
    childhood abuse: physicians, psychologists, and other therapists, teachers,
    protective workers, and so on. And the language is so clear and nontechnical
    that it will be of enormous benefit to the survivors of trauma
    themselves, and even to parents who want to ensure the safety and
    wellbeing of their children."

    --Robert Rich, PhD, M.A.P.S, A.A.S.H.

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