Richard Boes Memorial Award-Winning Book 2016

The Thundering Herd by John E. Peltier

The 2015 Richard Boes Memorial Award goes to John E. Peltier for his book  The Thundering Herd  (ISBN 9781478765332).  The award is a $100 cash prize for best debut book by a veteran (fiction or memoir) and is sponsored by Modern History Press. The contest is administered by Reader Views Inc., which includes a general book award contest as well.

Carol Hoyer’s review at Reader Views noted: “Peltier’s writing is very vivid and clear, readers will find themselves right in the middle of each escapade with him. ”

Richard Boes (R.I.P.)
Richard Boes (R.I.P.)

Richard Boes enlisted into the US Army and served in Vietnam in 1969 – 1970 with the First Air Cav. He is the author of two books, The Last Dead Soldier Left Alive (2007) a firsthand inquiry into why thousands of Vietnam veterans have committed suicide and Last Train Out (2008). Right up to his death Richard was writing a third, In the Valley of Dry Bones. He passed away on Feb 21st, 2009 at the VA Hospital in Albany, NY.

Past winners of the Richard Boes Memorial Award

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